Xia Lin’s ongoing project ’3C Xing Yi Quan' is a open source new style of martial arts that imitates the body language and characteristics of technological 3C products (3C is Computer 電腦, Communication 通訊/溝通, Consumer Electronics 消費性電子產品.) Xin Yi Quan is a form of internal martial arts and is based on capturing the essence of animal behavioral ecology. Through informed movements, the exercise fosters deeper understanding of familiar technological gadgets that are an intimate part of our daily lives. The highest ‘Xing Yi 形意’ is ‘to be’, learn from these products by imitation, experience, and cohabitation, in order to find a sense of symbiosis and enjoyment with our new technological nature.

林亭君持續發展中的《3C形意拳》是一套開源協作的新內家拳法,以全新的角度體驗數位科技生活的都市修行,古老的形意拳在於捕捉自然界動物的行為生態,那些充斥在日常裡的各種3C產品已構成我們所熟悉的新自然環境。最高的”形意”境界是”成為”,通過身體行為和精神意會,轉換我們對這些技術物的認知經驗與關係。 2017年起林亭君以集體開發工作坊、展演活動等形式與不同族群交流,透過形意體會,學習共生,領略現代新自然,預備具有未來特性的身心調和技術。

3C XING YI QUAN: ALL FORMS  (Since 2017-)
Inspired by My Tablet and Taichi Master Yan.

Inspired by My Desktop and Taichi Master Fuxin.

Inspired by My Laptop and lololol.net

Selfie Stick
Inspired by Taichi Master Chen.

Inspired by Photograper Josh Lee.

Table Lamp   
Developed by Office Worker Hugo Chen.

Developed by Artist Bruce Bo Ding.
Inspired by My Young Sister Mumu and Menlo High School Students.
Hard Disk   
Developed by Artist Shaina L. Yang.
Inspired by Photograper Mark Lee and Artist Liam Morgan. Developed with Animistic Apparatus & BFMAF Friends.

Developed by Retiree Mr. Lee.

Inspired by Trainer Ms. Zou.

Ethernet Links   
Inspired by Taichi Master Chen.

Developed by Artist Sophia Wang.

Laser level   
Inspired by Artist George Clark.

Sweeping Robot   
Developed by Director Zihan Loo.

Electric Boiler   
Developed by Choreographer Venuri Perera.

Washing Machine   
Inspired by Ms. Chung, A poet, My Mother.

Electric fan   
Inspired by Artist Sheryl Cheung, Developed with Shang Bo Lin.

Air Conditioners  
Inspired by Mahidol University Thai Medicine Student Xiao Mei.

Inspired by Homemaker Ms.Jiang, Ms.Wang. Developed with Taichi Master Fuxin and Pacific Pirate #2 TAZ friends.

Rice Cooker
Inspired by Audrey Tang. Developed with Liu MoMo, Mina, Wang Yuxiang, Wang Canxiang, Qi Yu, Cai Huiling, Yuan Yingru and other friends.

Webcam Camera 
Inspired by My Webcam and Computer Vision for Surveillance Camera. Developed with lololol Surface Habitat friends & Yilan Hualien Digital Opportunity Center friends.

(update 2021. Aug)