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林亭君熱衷於研究太極哲學、武術拳法、和人類與機械的認知程序和進程。作品關注科技對於當代生活的身體感知影響,近年來將其個人的太極武術練習與藝術創作建立對話聯繫。持續進行中的藝術項目《3C形意拳》是一套開源協作的新內家拳法,透過互動交流的方式轉換大眾與數位科技物的身體經驗與關係。林亭君是藝術組織 lololol.net 的共同創辦人,長期項目「Future Tao」2017年於台北當代藝術中心啟動,以實驗性的藝術實踐重新思考古今身心技術。

Xia Lin
Xia Lin is an avid researcher of tai-chi philosophy, martial arts methods, and the human cognitive procedures and processes of machines. Her work concerns the impact of technology on contemporary life and corporeality. In recent years, she has established a dialogue connecting her tai-chi martial arts practice and artistic creation. Her ongoing art project, 3C Xing Yi Quan, is a new style of internal-style martial art developed through open-source, transforming physical experiences and relationships  between the public and digital technological objects through interaction and exchange. Xia Lin is a co-fonder of the arts organization, lololol.net. Her long-term project, Future Tao, initiated in 2017 at the Taipei Contemporary Art Center, re-contemplates historical and contemporary mind-body technologies through experimental artistic practice.