3C Xing Yi Quan: Program

Loop video with sound, Mixmedia

3C Xing Yi Quan project is an open source new style of martial arts. Co-learners may freely program their own sequence of practice to fit their own lifestyles. The video on display includes selected gestures from the "3C Xing Yi Quan: Develop Workshop (since 2017)" series, ordered in accordance to Xia Lin's present daily routine. A technical scripture that contains links can be accessed on the project website. (3CXYQ.com)

3C XING YI QUAN: PROGRAM (Selected Forms)
  • Tablet Inspired by Taichi Master Yan.
  • Air Conditioners Inspired by Mahidol University Thai Medicine Student Xiao Mei.
  • Ethernet Links Inspired by Taichi Master Chen. Developed by Artist Sophia Wang.
  • Washing Machine Inspired by Ms. Chung, A poet, My Mother.
  • Table Lamp Developed by Office worker Hugo Chen.
  • Desktop Inspired by Taichi Master Fuxin.
  • Printer Developed by Artist Bruce Bo Ding.
  • Hard Disk Developed by Artist Shaina L. Yang.
  • Selfie Stick Inspired by Taichi Master Chen.
  • Tripod Inspired by Photographer Josh Lee.
  • Laptop Inspired by lololol.
  • Refrigerator Inspired by Homemaker Ms.Jiang. Developed by Taichi Master Fuxin.

3C Xing Yi Quan: Program (2020), Courtesy of the Artist.