When I practice Taichi with my washing machine

The sound of the machine balances my movements and my mind is at peace

This is my second time synchronizing with a machine

The first time was with a standing electric fan.

Xia Lin’s ongoing project ’3C Xing Yi Quan' is a open source new style of martial arts that imitates the body language and characteristics of 3C products (3C is Computer, Communication, Consumer Electronics). Xin Yi Quan is a form of internal martial arts and is based on capturing the essence of animal behavioral ecology. Through informed movements, the exercise fosters deeper understanding of familiar technological gadgets that are an intimate part of our daily lives. The highest ‘Xing Yi’ is ‘to be’, Learn from these products by imitation, experience, and cohabitation, in order to find a sense of symbiosis and enjoyment with our new technological nature. sequences of movements.

Xia Lin 
Xia Lin employs multimedia, video, text and performance for an artistic practice that concerns Taichi philosophy, martial arts, and cognitive processes of humans and machines. Xia’s ongoing project 3C Xing Yi Quan is a new form of internal martial arts that seeks to grasp the essence of mobile computer gadgets and accessories. The practice helps mind and body equilibrium in the digital age.

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