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3C Xing Yi Quan: Program

Three-channel video, Multichannel sound installation

Xia Lin’s ongoing project ’3C Xing Yi Quan' is a open source new style of martial arts that imitates the body language and characteristics of technological products. Xin Yi Quan is a form of internal martial arts and is based on capturing the essence of animal behavioral ecology.

The video works includes selected gestures from the "3C Xing Yi Quan" workshop series. This ongoing project is an open-source, new style of internal martial arts that imitates the body language, the Inner Motivations sounds in life styles. Left channel is the 3C transform with there Attributes color (metal, wood, water, fire, earth), Middle channel is developer’s icon movement, and the right channel is some of their memories. lololol present this daily routine. Co-learner may freely program their own sequence of practice to fit their own life styles to transform our understanding and relationship with contemporary technological products.